Kambu Dosai/Bajra Dosa/Pearl Millet crepes

Kambu Dosai/Bajra Dosa/Pearl Millet crepes


I have been using millets that were been eaten many many years ago and also eaten even today in the remote villages in my cooking recently. Millets have created a huge revolution in India recently and everyone is going for millets and its recipes. More so millets noodles, millets vermicelli, millets powder and many forms are being sold and are in huge demand in the market. I have read about millets after seeing millets every time in my Instagram feed. No harm in eating something that our forefathers ate and something our genes can handle. So gave millets a try.

Different types of millets.

I had bought variety of millets. I generally use it to substitute rice in my lunch as it cooks faster and easily digestible. Also you can make pulao, bisi bele bath and many more rice dishes by replacing rice with millets.

Kambu is quite difficult to cook and also the grains are too big and so didn’t like using it as rice substitute.

Also we tasted Kambu Dosa at Sangeetha restaurant   and it tasted so good. Hence decided to make Kambu Dosa .

Ingredients required:

2.5 cups Kambu/Bajra/Pearl millet

0.5 cup Urad Dhal

0.5 cup Rice

1 tsp methi seeds/fenugreek seeds

Water as required.

Salt to taste

Baking Soda: ½ tsp


Soak Kambu, rice, urad dhal and methi seeds together for 12 hrs or overnight.

Grind everything together with enough water to a smooth batter .
Add salt to taste and baking soda and mix .Now leave the batter in a warm place till the better rises and is fermented well.

Then mix and refrigerate .Make thin crepes with 2 ladles of batter on a hot tava/pan .Cover and cook or flip the dosas and cook the other side. The dosas taste quite normal and no weird taste and it will go well with spicy chutney.