busy with my work

Finally I have had deadlines to meet and a very busy schedule this week.The meeting on Monday rang the bell.My senior Rashmi was on leave for two days.This frightened me to the core.The reason because,she was supposed to do the work along with me, if she had been in office.Not just that she offers help at times of my need and also even before I call her or ask her for help.Wish I only have a senior like her or may be herself in all my future projects!!!!Yes finally she made her appearance on wednesday and i felt so relieved.I cant explain in words as to how I felt.Then the glorious part of the story is another senior(Anish) who got into my team.Lovely, the two seniors did the job and I just finished work assigned to me and that too as usual with Rashmi's and fortunately Anish's help.......I am liking this.Its nice to be busy,not having much time to spend for leisurely activities.Finally my first project has been a very good learning experience!!!I have learnt something new everyday.....

With Regards,