One year at Infy!!!

I have completed 1 year at infy on September 29th.It is seriously a lovely moment.I still feel everything so fresh and new.Me going to Mysore to the loveliest place there- Infy campus.The day I was supposed to stay all by myself for months.Though there were many from my college who joined Infy, there was just 1 classmate who joined with me.I was scared that I would become lonely since this was the first time I was going to stay alone away from home for a long time and also no friends!!But I finally survived the place ,the loneliness, the INFY Training.Today thinking those days is a blessing.I did make many new friends.When we left mysore after posting I just cant believe myself that I had so many friends- all I made during 6 months.The GEC 1-SR4 generic classroom,Jagdish Chandra Bose java,Archimedes OS, B48 room no 3,B 60 room no 106 ---- all my sweet places.I have spent most of my time in these places.The teachers or I shouid say evangelists were wonderful most of them just seniors and very few biggos.Our time outing Mysore during Java projects, Our time watching n no of films in the multiplex, Times in gazebo,our visits to the nearby temple,nearby dhaba,Night roaming at 12 to swipe out and swipe in,Time at Laundromat,loyal world, and many more.....
The story would never end and i can speak so much about my one year.....
Just hoping dat I get many more such wonderful years.
Infosys Technologies,Bangalore