Hmm Infy rocks


I was a little busy with stuffs at home and office that I couldn't write.Hmm let me summarize all that happened in the mean time.
Our clients had come down to Bangalore and we had a round of presentations and discussions and especially cake cutting,photo sessions.We had got a RED Tshirt and a pen from them.Ohh this may sound very cheap infact I also feel the same but come on this is the first time I got sumthing at Infy other than my salary(of course).
Talking about salary, I got a hike in my salary d 8% hike dat Infy announced.
I was successfully released from my first project, since all the Java work was done by us - the JAVA developers.All of us got a appreciation mail from our PM for it.I felt nice as this was the first time am experiencing all of this.
Then I have been put into a new project.And the best part is the team I joined has just 2 in the team and one of my senior ll soon join another project.I wonder because my previous project team had 5 and now 2 and den wat about my next project.....There are 6 applications to be understood and all of different technology.God save me!!!!!!
We had our project party at Manipal County resort..Lovely experience.We had lots of fun, playing games and spending nice time.
Now Christmas celebration at Infy.One day last week I enter campus and it looked so beautiful....So many white and red balloons all over campus.We also had christmas celebrations at campus.
Hmmm in our we floor are playing secret santa game for the christmas season...Hmm we will play for 3 days next week.I already kind of have a doubt as to who my secret santa is.Lets see if I am right.
With Regards,
Infosys Technologies,bangalore