My birthday


I celebrated my bday last week..dec 6th.
Ohh had received so many wishes through messages,emails,scraps on orkut,facebook,phone calls,etc.I felt so nice with so many wishes showered on me.Though I was sad dat I didnt and will never have my father from this year to wish me for my birthday..:(

And the phone calls started at 12 am and went upto 10 pm dat day.All my friends who got posted in different parts of the country called up to wish me.Felt realy blessed....We went out for dinner.My grandmom had come from out of station Chennai for my bday.

And on Monday wen I went to office Some of my (true) friends had arranged for cvake cutting at Lotus foodcourt.After cake cutting I took the rest of the pieces for my team members.

There were some of my friends who forgot to wish me.There were some who wished for the sake of wishing,I know it didnt come from their heart.And some who didnt wish thought they knew it was my bday.... Learning people...

With Regards,