Kuwait being close to Bahrain, my husband wanted to visit Kuwait for one of our long weekends in Muharram. We knew at the start that there wont be much to visit there. We went for 4 days, rented a car and went to SAFARI HOUSE hotel.
On the first day, we left on a long drive to Indian Restaurant for Lunch. After lunch we went to Avenues mall. This one was a must see in Kuwait. A very huge mall which was built like a city with roads and each shop was in its own design. We left for the hotel. Next day we left for the Kuwait towers, then the Liberation tower, Mubarakiya Souq and the Grand mosque then  lunch at Saravana Bhavan. Also Watched the Al Kout Beach. From here we went to Kuwait Zoo. The Zoo had few rare to see animals like Zebra, Brown Bear.Then went to meet a family friend at his house. We left from there to Marina Mall and returned to the hotel. On the third day - all the places we went were closed .We only visited the Vintage Cars Museum after much roaming around as the google maps doesn't show the right location. Then in the evening we visited the Scientific Centre.We finally searched for something else and then found it in a small road. Next day we left for the Sadu House,  Dickson House, Evangelical Church, National Museum and the planetarium. Sadu House is the place where the authentic tent material weaving is showcased and explained. Dickson house is the house of the British  where Mr and Mrs Dickson stayed when he was in Kuwait for the Oil Exploration. National Museum and Planetarium were same like that in Bahrain. Then we left for the Souq Sharq to roam around the Souq and left for the 360 Mall. I liked the fountain in the Mall..Worth watching for hours.
Then left for the Kuwait Airport.

This was a small tour just covering most of the
places to visit in a short period. Most of the places are quite nearby on the same road. Also our hotel was in the centre of the city with all places nearby. We missed seeing the Mirror House, though we heard much about it.