Missing my love..

Its been more than 5 years now...If there is something that I can rewind or erase of in my life,  it would be June 7th 2009... this day my beloved appa lived with us for one last time, before he left for the heavenly abode. ..
   If everything happens for good, I was surprised to see what good can be in my father's sudden death...He was a nice person, never interfered in anyone's matters, never spoke ill about others. Then I realised the reasons a little later...Yes I still believe in God and think "Everything happens for the good". My father cannot bear pain. Even a simple fever makes him fall on the bed. I cant imagine, him going through a disease or undergoing a surgery or being admitted in a hospital. I believe God always takes people  he likes a little sooner.My father was one of them.My father passed away suddenly in  the blink of the eye without undergoing any pain.How many of us wish they could die like that.It was good for him that he left that way.
        The day when we took appa to Wokhardt hospital in Cunnigham Road, my brother's college friend's father was also admitted.This friend consoled my brother.Then after 2 weeks of being in ICU, that boy's father also died.This gives a clear message.
Life was difficult to move on.Amma developed hypertension.Home was a very dull place. Office was no different.I was just controlling myself from crying. Started going out with Amma for All household shopping. Though I had used Bangalore One centres, this is the first time, I used the BangaloreOne Centre in the Infosys Campus to pay all the utility bills at one place. We had to do all the legal formalities. The name changes from my father's name... I went to many offices for the first time in my life. My brother had to collect all the money that was due for us from others in my father's business. My brother went for this expedition. All the people didn't have the same kindness, so he had to struggle. Finally after months of work, we were done. We were trained and ready for the new life where we wont have our appa to do all the outside work for all of us starting from taking Xerox copies, buying groceries, paying bills, other government or private office work.We were trained for the life without our appa's physical presence. I am very sure he is just seeing us grow and feeling very proud with our achievements.We wont cry because he wouldn't like that.