I had read about this shop in mtr Station Admiralty which sells cheap tickets to Ocean Park and Disneyland in the blogs. We went there and bought the Ocean Park and Disneyland tickets(2 day ticket) from here. Its 10% cheaper and we got 2 badges free with Disneyland tickets. Then we went out and took the bus to Ocean Park(read the exits board, it will say which exit for Ocean Park Bus Terminus). We took the bus no. 629 going to Ocean Park. The bus fares cost 10.6 HKD for adults and 5.3 HKD for children (aged 4-11).There are many buses and there are staffs who organize the buses and  the queues for alighting the bus. Very Good Organisation!! Even while returning from Ocean Park there are many buses that keep arriving and taking passengers to the MTR Station back. Very good service!!The shop  which sells the tickets is near this exit.

Food is not allowed inside. They check the bags!

We went in and First went straight to the cable car Queue. We wanted to go to the summit first! At the summit, there are many attractions. We never took any of the rides there as we were only aiming the shows! There are many rides suitable for adults and teenagers and there are no such rides at the waterfront down !Then there was this dolphin show, Polar Adventure(seals, walrus), Penguins place, Aquarium, Sea Jelly Spectacular, , Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium, Shark Mystique, Dolphin show at Ocean Theatre,Dolphin swimming place, a scary house(Halloween festival was going on this time).Had lunch from Mc Donald's !We targeted to leave the summit at 2 pm, but we left only at 3 pm, the cable car queue wasn’t too long.There is a train Ocean Park Express to go up and down the summit. We went down and saw the Australian adventure, Panda, The Grand Aquarium, gold fish. We waited for 1 hour  to see the fountain show at 8 pm  and then left! Fountain show was really good , with fireworks, lights and graphics.

We took the bus to Admiralty and then went to Tsim sha shui. Had dinner and returned to hotel.

At the mtr station in Admiralty we inquired in the same shop we bought tickets in the morning, about Macau tours and they asked us to go to shen Wan because there are many tour operators there.

Ocean Park timings:

9 am to 9 pm

Cable car from 10 am to 11 pm

Ticket fare for 1 person: 359$ after 10% discount( at the shop in mtr station)