Day 8:Bahunia square

It was our last day in Hongkong. I wanted to visit the bird garden, gold fish market, since we only had till 4pm and cannot visit places that need more time or places that are far off. But we couldn’t visit due to time constraint. We checked out hotel after breakfast only at 12 pm and left for Bauhinia Square at Wan Chai. There was a tech exhibition going on , we passed through that and went to Bauhinia square. There are small statues to take pics with and a harbor view. After all the photos, we left to Tsim sha shui to change money again this time for my husband’s currency collection and then went to have lunch and returned back to hotel to pick our bags. We left hotel and went to Central station with our luggage and took the airport express train from the station. The ticket cost is 100 HKD, but when you buy 2 tickets, it was 160 HKD(some offer).The ride was awesome like some bullet train experience. As soon as we got down from the airport express train,  there was a kiosk, where we returned our octopus card and got the refund and the unused money from the card.

There are free airport sh

uttle buses from few hotels, they drop you at the airport express train station for free.