I had long before heard about the Fabbag subscription. But I straightaway thought that was a complete waste of money as they may send us stuffs that either I don’t need or I don’t want.But recently when I read about Glamego  subscription box, I was very interested.

Why this sudden change of thoughts:

  1. Cost: The monthly subscription rate is only 300 rupees, when you do a 6 month subscription.
    Cost of 1 product in a good Brand is more than 300 rupees nowadays. Hence very reasonable.
  2. The Products are  mostly Organic, paraben free , which generally are costly and  something I don’t mind trying.
  3. The  products in each bag is worth 3 to 4 times the bag cost (300 INR). Hence this is like buying stuffs at 80% discount. Women love discounts.
  4. The Glamego box contains very less makeup Products.This suits me, as I am less make up person.
  5. The box contains loads of bath and body, creams, face masks, face packs, scrubs, foot creams which again suits my requirements.
  6. Loads of choice given. Instead of using the same hand  cream or face scrub pack after pack .
  7. Give you the opportunity to try products you never been using.For me: Bath salts, foot cream are  something I don’t use, but I can try them now.
    The glamego box contains upto 50% discount vouchers for products in the box, that you can use ( if you like the product ) or  give it to someone else who would use it.
    The box also contains  4 products .You can share the products with others , if the product suits them.
    Delivery can be tracked  and the box is delivered without any follow ups.
    You can give the same as a gift wrapped beautifully to someone you love.
    What I have decided :
    I have subscribed for 6 months now.
    After 6 months, if I have loads of unfinished Products (oweing to the fact, I have some cosmetics/body Products already purchased  ) , I shall give the subscription a good break till I run out of them.Then I would do another 6 month subscription.