banana flower vadas(vazhaipoo vadai)

Yeah it tastes wonderful and just sooo special from the usual vadas.

My mom taught me this recipe and she is an expert in doing it.


kadalaparappu(Channa dal): 1 cup (soaked)
Onions(finely chopped): 1 cup
Pudina(mint leaves)(finely chopped):2 tsps
coriander(chopped):2 tsps
Green chillies(chopped):2 tsps
Banana flower: 1 no.
Turmeric powder:1 pinch
Salt:as required
Oil: to deep fry

Soak chick peas in water for 4-5 hrs.
Also remove the banana florets from the flower.Remove the black stamen from the florets.Each floret has 1 black stamen.Very small florets can be used as it is.
Chop the florets.Steam them for 5-10 mins.
Grind the Channa dal.Mix all the other ingredients and fry the vadas in oil till golden brown.
Tip: Do not grind Channa dal very smoothly.Let it be a little coarse.Then you will get very crisp vadas and tastes really good.