Tandoori Chicken

For preparing 2 versions of tandoori chicken:
chicken leg pieces :7
salt :to taste
Ginger garlic paste :1 tsp
Red chilli powder :1tsp
Dhanya powder :1 tsp
curd :2-3 tsp
garam masala :1 tsp
Turmeric :1/2 tsp
Lemon juice :2 tsp

For making KFC style Tandoori chicken:
Bread crumbs : 1 cup
Oil :5-6 tsps

Mix all the ingredients except chicken pieces together in a bowl.Make some holes using fork on the chicken pieces.Gently apply the masala on each piece of chicken.Marinate and leave it for some time, atleast 1/2 hour preferably in a refrigerator.
It can be cooked in Microwave without oil or in stove.

Method for cooking in microwave:
In grill microwave, arrange the pieces on the grill tray.Set the grill mode.
Leave it for 20 minutes.Check the chicken every 5 minutes turning them with the help of a fork.I prepared it in microwave.

Method for cooking in stove:
Just deep fry the chicken pieces in oil in a kadai.

Enjoy the tandoori chicken.

KFC style tandoori chicken:
After marination, before cooking the chicken in microwave or stove, roll the chicken pieces in bread crumbs.
While cooking in microwave, few drops of oil need to brushed on the pieces for the bread crumbs to become golden brown and get roasted.

Please do try and let me know how you liked it.