We had an extensive breakfast at the hotel. The buffet was too good, with many dishes.
We first visited the Royal Botanical Gardens.The total area of the garden is 147 acres and it was started as a pleasure garden for the Kings of Kandy.There are many sections to visit here-Spices, Flowers,Cactus, Orchid,Herbs,Palm Avenue,Suspension Bridge,Canon Ball Avenue, Lake,Bamboo Collection, Students Garden, Ebony.The entry fees is 1500 LKR Per person. Same Price for all.Its very  vast and needs extensive walking to cover the sections.

We left for Kandy  city tour. We went to Batik Art center. Looked at the process of Batik and  bought a small souvenir (very costly). Then we went to three shopping centers (for dresses, fridge  magnets, sovenirs). We also went to some scenic views! We went to gems shop and saw the method of gem stone extraction-mining. We then went to have lunch at a Indian restaurant(Balaji Dosa)! Restaurant is very cheap and tasty food and it is opposite Pizza hut.Lunch meal was 170 LKR .
Then went to Temple of tooth relic. This temple is quite big and here too we get 50% discount for entry for SAARC Residents.The ticket price is 750 lkr for  SAARC Residents and other tourists 1500 LKR per person. The whole history is written in a story. Buddha’s tooth was brought from India and after changing many hands it’s kept at Kandy! It’s a very holy place for Buddhists. There is a museum too with 2 big halls. It has all offerings from different World countries.There is a elephant called Raj that  has been brought to life in the temple even after its death.

Later from there we went directly to Kandy Dance show.The show ticket cost is 1000 LKR per person. Kandy dance show showcases many forms of dance, dresses, and musical instruments. After Kandy dance show we also went to few temples on the backside of Temple of tooth relic (not included in itinerary).We prayed and visited the temples. After these visits we had free time to walk around the temple. The Kandy Lake is too beautiful. We went around and found Sampath bank atm. We got nice exchange ates there, better than the rates in Kandy so exchanged the money . Had dinner in the same restaurant  we had lunch and left. We rode back to hotel.