Day 1

We planned a trip to Sri Lanka and booked our flight tickets for September 2016.We found that 1 way tickets were cheaper than round trip tickets and hence booked in 2 airlines. Visa is on arrival for Indians. We also enquired and booked a package through the travel desk at Sri Lankan airlines.The tour operator is Tangerine Tours. The Package included hotel accommodation, 1 driver cum guide with  a car through out the trip who would accompany us to the planned and decided itinerary. We left to Colombo and were welcomed by the Guide at the airport. After getting us a local simcard, we left for Pollonaruwa.
We had a stop in the middle for lunch at a restaurant with a beautiful lake side. The food was costly and not so great, but we were very hungry and it didn’t matter.On the way we saw a temple procession of elephant, traditional Srilankan dancers, Musicians. We reached Pollonaruwa after 6 hr. drive. We checked in at Ruins Chaaya. This is more like a resort and a quiet serene. After checking in, refreshing we went to the hotel restaurant for dinner. The dinner cost us the same as the cost of our lunch and it tasted good. We had Srilankan vegetable curry with boiled buttered basmati  rice, pickled vegetables. The waiters were very kind and helpful.

2nd day

We left to explore Pollonaruwa town after breakfast. Breakfast was served on the table and not buffet type. At Pollonaruwa, we Indians get 50% discount on ticket fare as India is a SAARC Country. This is the same case in all UNESCO heritage sites, all SAARC Countries get 50% discount on the entry fees. Entry fees at most of the places is soo costly, hence a 50% discount for 2 persons really reduces the tour budget considerably.We had to fill a form to get these discounted entry tickets.Entry fees is 25$ and 12.5$ for Saarc Residents.

We entered the museum first and after seeing through the artefacts, we were taken by car by our guide to the different places. We were not supposed to wear slippers/shoes in most of the temples and sand was quite hot and almost burnt our feet. We first went to the seven storeyed Palace, Citadel, Council of Chambers, Bathe Pond called Kumara Pookunam.. Then we drove to the Sacred Quadrangle- Siva temple(Devale), Sat Mahal Prasadam, Buddha Temple, Hadatage, Vadatage(4 Buddha) .Then we visited Lankatilaka, Thuparama,Temple of Tooth Relic-Vallikaras.It is believed the sacred tooth was kept here first and guarded by the Tamil Valikaras(meaning servants). A stone book  where scriptures are carved in a stone in shape of book. Nissanka Latha Mandapaya, where the scriptures were read. We later drove to another Siva devale that is worshipped even now.

We also visited Gal Vihara where Buddha is seen in 3 postures- Sitting, Standing, Lying down.
Keep your ticket safe as some parts are used later for few entrances like Gal Vihara.Cycles are available to rent to explore the town. Inspite of having a car we were tired with the walks inside of the town.We visited Rankot Vihara(Cave)   surrounded by image houses Vishnu Temple , trade stalls,Kiri Vihara and another temple where Buddha's head was kept in the museum that we visited initially.

We also visited the lotus pond which is in the shape of lotus. Tivanka Image House: here the Buddha statue is bent in  3 angles-Hip, Neck, Shoulder. 

We then finished our tour and went to have lunch.On the way we saw the Parakrama Samudra. The lunch at Thidas Aroma  was again 1200LKR for each person buffet, and had so many dishes to eat. After lunch we changed some money but got a bad rate. We then went to Potgul Vihara meaning book Temple. We can see a Aged person holding a book. It is not sure whether the statue is King Parakramabahu or ancient Sage Aghastya or King Kalinga.

All the structures visited today were examples of Srilankan architecture , Sinhalese Stone artists.Large Stupas are well preserved even to this day.

Then left for hotel early by 3 pm. We took rest and   then went to have dinner at the hotel. The hotel is in a deserted place with no street lights and hence to explore by walk was not feasible. We had the same dinner as the previous day and slept. There was a wedding   at the hotel and there were many people and musicians at the hotel.