Day 6 Horton Plains National Park, Ambewala NewZealandFarm, Strawberry farm,Sita temple

We left for Horton Plains at 6 am. The hotel had packed breakfast for us but it was just fruits and sandwich. Our driver told us that other hotels pack a huge breakfast for the trip and that  he is going to complain. Horton National Plains is on the hill and the trip itself was too good. The fog covered mountains was a treat to the eyes. The entry ticket is 3000 LKR per person.We paid 4500 LKR to our driver to take us here(both ways).We saw few Sambar deers, monkeys and the wild fowl which is the national bird of Sri Lanka.The Sambar deers came so close and  I fed them bread, so they wanted more.

Later we  parked our car and  had breakfast and left for the walk. Our driver also walked with us.

Plastic not allowed inside the Park. After a long walk we reached the main board which says the distances to the places.We reached the board at 8 am. We went  to Mini World’s end first and reached there at 8:30 am.After few photos went to World’s end. The walks were ok to walk in a average pace but stretches that includes hiking was too difficult. We reached World's end at 9 am.We took photos at World’s end and then went to the Baker’s waterfalls. We saw the Niloo flowers that bloom once in 12 years. There are stunted trees everywhere.The distance to Baker’s falls was quite far from World’s end. Then we walked back to the entrance. This seemed like never ending. We saw few school kids coming in and was wondering how they will walk around. I had the same question in mind when I saw 70+ grandmas climbing the Sigiriya. Srilankan People must be quite  healthy and energetic to do that.

We reached the main board with the directions at 11 am, hence a total of 3 hours  from the board to return.After a total 4 hrs. of walking we reached the car park. We took more photos with more sambar deers and left the park.

 We  visited the Ambewala New Zealand farm on the way back. The ticket is 200 LKR per person.
The farm had a variety of sheds with different categories of cattle . Bulls, calves, rabbits, pregnant cows, milking Cows and really big ones. The view from the farm at the pastures were very beautiful and also it was drizzling  making a heavenly foggy climate.

We also visited the strawberry farm. They usually have a paid tour which includes  taking tourists on a vehicle to show around the farm, but it was cancelled due to the rain. We got to visit the small place where they planted the strawberry and got 2 to taste. They were really tasty. We then left to the town.

We visited the Sita Amman temple. This is the place where it is believed that Lord Hanuman  met Sita Amman who was kept in captive by Lord Raavan according to Ramayana. We could see the huge footprints  believed to be of Lord hanuman. The priest there told us that the small waterfalls behind the temple is where  Sita took bath.

Then we  had lunch at true taste of SriLanka.Our driver took us there. This place is right opposite  post office and next to the bus stand. This place ladies from the nearby villages sell authentic srilankan food at very cheap prices. We had our lunch here. We had more items to be tasted, so we decided we will come again for dinner and left.

We returned to the same place again by walk from the hotel for dinner. We then had the other dishes we missed during lunch.

Food served there :

Dosas, rice adais, vadas, jackfruit cutlets, carrot soups, idiyappam, appam, sweet panniyaram, juices(stonefruit, lime, avocado), many many things.