Kakheti Region & Sighnaghi tour

Day 5: Kakheti Region - Sighnaghi

We left to Kakheti Region.This travel was around 4 hrs. On the way, we saw people selling huge blocks of cheese, fruits. We passed through sagarejo town with grape yards.

Sighnaghi – City of Love is a town in Georgia’s eastern region of Kakheti. Sighnaghi is a center of Georgian wine making technology. It is one of the most visited destinations in Georgia. Sighnaghi is famous for

handmade carpets, traditional food and

Georgian famous hospitality.


This is the most favoured place among Georgian couples for their honeymoon. The weather was soo cold and raining. The people in Sighnaghi sacrificed their life for the world war when Georgia was part of the Soviet Union. Hence there is a park with the names of everyone who sacrificed their lives. Also there is a statue of Georgian philosopher, journalist, historian and native son Solomon Dodashvili who helped education of poor kids. The town also has a beautiful fountain. The architecture of the town was noticeable with long balconies and built on slopy roads.

We left to Winery Kareba.Kareba in Georgian means Happiness. Here we had a tour of the wine cellar. The different equipments used to make wine and pour it from the cellar. We also learnt the traditional process of making wines. We got to taste semi sweet and white wine.

We baked bread from our own hands and ate them .We also made churchkela and dried and ate them too. A cotton thread is taken and pieces of walnuts are sewn on to it. Then this thread is dipped in hot flour and grape juice mixture (partially cooked) and then the thread is hung on a wooden stick and dried.

Later we reached Tibilisi.In Tbilisi we left for Souvenir shopping and went to Rustaveli Avenue by taxi. After shopping at Wendy’s and Dunkin Donuts, we took another taxi and went to Ambassador Casino. There just near the statue of the Bergamy Dance, we bought the Souvenir and magnets and left back to hotel by another taxi. The Souvenirs are costly compared to what we bought at Annanuri fortress. We had dinner at Halal INN Restaurant .After bidding bye to our fellow tourists and Georgia, we packed our bags and left for airport.  

I loved the country more because it had a slow pace of living which longetivates each day. The houses, their fruits, grapes, climate are their plus points. Not very busy life unlike the city culture nowadays.