Tbilisi Walking Tour : exploring the Beauty of Tbilisi

We started our tour from the place near the Ambassador Casino.

There are cute statues for selfies. There is a statue of many people dancing in a circle. The dance is called Berigamy.It is the New Year Dance for fertility.

Then there is a statue of the street cleaner. There is a story behind this. The streets in Georgia are always clean, thanks to the wonderful job by the street cleaners. To bring everyone’s attention to the street cleaners, this statue has been made. This statue is as per painting by an artist Niko Pirosmani. Pirosmani is depicted on the one Georgian lari bill. This artist loved a lady and to express his love he sold his properties, his artworks and covered the entire street  where the statue currently stands with roses. But the lady didn’t accept his love and the artist became a beggar and died on the streets with no food  and shelter.

As you walk past this statue, you come across the Puppet’s Theatre and the leaning clock.The clock is prevented falling down by supporting on a stick. Every 1 hour, an angel comes out and rings a bell as many times as the current hour.ex: at 8 am it rings 8 times, at 4 pm it rings 4 times.

Then as you walk around, you reach the Bridge of Peace. After crossing the Bridge and getting down, we reached the park from where the cable car starts. We took the cable car to reach the peak. After walking past the shops and enjoying the panorama of the city, we reached the Mother of Georgia statue. She stands soo tall with a bowl of wine in left hand and a sword in the right hand.

Wine is for the guests of Georgia, sword is for the enemies of Georgia.

Then as climbed down the hill, we reached the entrance of old ruins of Narikala Fortress. There is not much inside the fortress, except for the view of the city and a huge bell.

We climbed down the Chardin Street, one of the oldest streets of Tbilisi. Now this is a favourite meeting place for its fancy cafes and clubs, little art salons and galleries. The street got this name in honour of the famous French artist, Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin.

Then we climbed further down and reached to see the love bridge. The love bridge has locks put in by couples. As you walk further, you will see the Sulphur baths on the left. Old Baths A touch of Old Tbilisi -- the Sulphur Baths, built in 17th century, have subterranean pavilions topped by unique the red brick domes with steam from the hot springs streaming from their tops, giving a magical atmosphere to this historic area of old homes and interesting shops.

 Then we reached hotel OLD Tbilisi by our coach. We checked into hotel and left to Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant at Tumaniani Street for dinner. Taxi fare cost us 4 lari 1 way. The food at Taj Mahal was not so tasty and the prices were costly too.

Next day morning after check out, we left for Kutaisi.