Martivili Canyon and Mtskheta tour

Day 3: Martivili Canyon, Mtskheta

We had a yummy breakfast at the hotel. I loved the chocolate chip cupcake, but there was only 1 and I was shy to ask if they had more as they didn’t refill them.

Then checked out and left to Martivili Canyon. Our driver lost his way and kept returning back to the same place more than 2 times before reaching our destination. In Martivili Canyon, we had the chance to row our own boat and see the small waterfalls and walk around the canyon. Then we reached the same place we had lunch the previous day. Today again we opted for Kachapuri. Then we had a stop to buy Sweet bread called honey bread, that’s baked and sold on the way. The hot freshly baked, cinnamon flavoured, sweet bread with raisins was a nice snack on the way. Then we reached Mtskheta. Here we walked a long road with full of food, souvenir shops to reach cathedral. This Svetitskhoveli cathedral is very holy to the Christians as a part of the robe that JESUS wore on his crucification day is kept under a pillar in this church. Also Christians had hid themselves in this church during world war from the Jews. There is a well and light so they kept themselves alive while hiding.

The church is quite vast .After visiting the church and having a look at the souvenir shops we left for Tbilisi. The shops were already closing around 6 -7 pm. Hence we didn’t buy any.
We went to Halal INN restaurant on the same road as our hotel, just a 5 min walking distance towards Avalabari Metro station for dinner. The restaurant was empty, so we did feel if we did a mistake going there. But the food was tasty, flavorful, and spicy. Also the prices were reasonable, compared to Taj Mahal Restaurant. But here they charged us 20% service charges compared to 10% at Taj Mahal Restaurant. Overall bill was around 5 lari less, also we had tasty food and saved on the taxi fare too.