Kazbegi, Gadauri, Annanuri fortress tour

Day 4: Kazbegi, Gadauri, Annanuri fortress

We left for Kazbegi mountain tour. We had a photo stop at Gadauri , for the Jinvali water reservoir. We then left to Annanuri fortress. There are lots of souvenir shopping that can be done here, and also they are quite cheap compared to buying from Tbilisi. Inside the fortress, you can climb and explore the different rooms. There is also a view point. There is a small cathedral with a beautiful painting that describes, the day of judgement inside the fortress.

Then we left to Gadauri. On our way the mountains were green and beautiful. The river kept flowing with us as we climbed up and down the hill. We reached the highest point on the hill and climbed down back. There were places where the natural Sulphur had eroded and made the entire place and the river look orange. We saw herds of sheep, cow, horse...There was this famous Russia Georgia Friendship wall. When we reached there it was already afternoon. Hence we had lunch, which was just mushroom soup. Then we   left in 4 by 4 vehicle to go to the Gergeti church. It  started snowing  when we left. After a funny ride just like the ones we experience while riding on the sand dunes in gulf, we reached the place where the Gergeti Temple is located. We climbed up to the cathedral with the snow falling. It was 5 minutes climb. In the cathedral, People leave their jewelry as an offering to God, when their wishes are fulfilled. From here we left to Dariali Gorge and Gveleti Waterfalls, that was another half hour drive.

On reaching the location, we need to hike around half km in a narrow treacherous path along the Gorge to reach the waterfall. From here we left back to Tbilisi. Our way back was quite dark and due to snow fall, the driver had to drive carefully. Since the Halal Inn restaurant was closed, we ate at Pizzeria Palermo that’s almost opposite to the restaurant. The food was authentic Georgian cuisine and very cheap. We had Lobiani (red bean stuffed puff bread, 6 pieces), beans in clay pot (very hot) and mushroom soup.