Kutaisi : Nature Reserve : Georgia


We had to travel more than 6 hrs to reach Kutaisi.

We had 2 stops for supermarket and lunch. Lunch we had margarita pizza which is called Kachapuri.

We went to Prometheus cave and Satapalia cave.

At Prometheus cave, it was a long 1 km walk inside the cave and then we exited out in a jet boat. You can also walk in a different walking route, if you wish.

Here the water from the cave’s roof while dripping, has evaporated leaving behind the salts to crystallize forming stalactites, stalagmites.In few halls, the same from the flow going upward can also be seen. In some halls, both meet at a point. The caves are lit with different colours, thus making it look beautiful.

Then we travelled to Sataplia.

Sataplia Nature Reserve is the place where the dinosaur footprints are remade and saved. After walking further, we had a nice walk around the forest which has different endangered species of plants are grown. There are also different varieties of dinosaur models on the path. There is a good viewing point of the park very high with a glass floored viewing desk. Then there is a cave similar to the Prometheus cave, but not too big. There is a stone of heart, where the formation formed inside the cave looks like the biological heart made of stone.

Then we reached the Best Western Kutaisi hotel and checked in .Later we went in search of restaurant for dinner and we only found a food truck. So we bought some cheese bread and French fries .The Best Western hotel Kutaisi is located near a bridge, so as we walk 100 mtrs from the hotel, we can see the beautifully lit bridge and the river flowing underneath.